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"As a military wife often times we can lose our identity. We can become just known as the dependent or spouse and not as the person. Once again in a time of transition in my life I reached out to Trisha Waters for some life coaching for some serious directions and definition in my life. She challenged me to face some deep truths in my past to help me understand where I was and why I felt the way I did in my present. Then she helped me develop short term and long term goals to better help me become me again and define what was important for me to pursue. Her coaching was a mix of counseling and guidance but perfect for what I needed. What I received from her has definitely helped me to be serious about my decision making and to focus on what I need to do to help myself continue to be a better person."

Kat C.

US Army Wife of 14 years

I was in a very dark stuck place in my life business and I could not get on track. Trisha and I talked for 30 mins and she helped me through this hard time. I had to go back in my childhood and see the little girl that had gone through bad trauma. She was scared and embarrassed and ashamed of what happened to her feeling like it was her fault. I was able to set her free! And now I am doing well in my business and life. Do those feelings still try to come up at times? Yes they do, but I have to say to her I set you free. Thank you Trisha for your help. May God continue to Bless you in your coaching women like me to thrive.

Angela H.

Retired Army Wife


Hi, I'm Trisha Waters, the military wife coach!

I am a certified faith based life coach. I've been married to my husband Ben for 14 years and I've been a military spouse for over a decade. I have experienced deployments without children and with children. I know what it's like to feel "single but not." All while starting and running two business' God has helped me find and walk out immense purpose through it all.

Over the past 10 years, I have helped of military wives from all over with how to change the challenges of military life into opportunities…… you are absolutely in the right place! 

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